Clear Skin Is Healthy Skin

Clear Skin is Healthy Skin

Clear Skin is Healthy Skin

All too often people with acne suffer from low self esteem.  Clear skin is a prerequisite for confidence, and how could it not be with all the stress “civilized society” places on beauty.  We grew up hearing “beauty is only skin deep” and it became ingrained in our psyche that in order to be one of the beautiful people we must have beautiful clear skin.  Unfortunately that logic is fraught with holes.  After all, whatever biological processes control the skin are really internal and not skin deep at all.   While no two doctors can concur wholeheartedly on what the root causes of acne are, it is a fairly well established fact that the propensity towards acne is systemic.  Clear skin is therefore healthy skin in that no related disorders or imbalances are causing blemishes or lesions.

Just because no two doctors will agree on all the causes of acne, or the obstructiveness of clear skin, there are several common hypotheses which are listed below:

  • Increased hormones during a woman’s menstruation
  • Increased hormones in teenagers (puberty)
  • Skin irritation and subsequent inflammation
  • Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands
  • Dirty or clogged pores
  • Bacteria
  • Stress (debatable as a cause, but can exacerbate tendencies toward)
  • Genetic – predisposal toward acne tends to run in families
  • Abuse of amphetamines, barbiturates
  • Exposure to certain chemicals compounds such as halogen

And here again, because the reason a person does not have clear skin is debatable, no two doctors will treat it with the same remedies. Everybody has their own ideas on how to get clear skin. Some doctors will prescribe topical solutions such as Proactiv, while Chiropractors and Homeopathic Doctors may suggest a clear skin diet.  Still other medical doctors may treat skin disorders with anti inflammatory medication.  Quite often it is a matter of trial and error until some visible healing takes place.

Any health food store or herbalist will suggest a multitude of clear skin home remedies.  Some who suffer from acne have benefited from clear skin natural topical remedies in combination with organic clear skin food.  The feeling is that the body is secreting toxins from a toxic diet.  There may be something to this because the use of hormones in our food source is ever growing.  It is a well known fact that farmers feed hormones to poultry to “plump them up” before selling them.  Taking this logic one step further, if hormones are indeed a cause for acne, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that eating poultry that have been fed hormones could also contribute to acne?  I don’t know, I am not a doctor.  I do know that there is growing concern about this practice both in the United States and throughout the world.

So, no matter which way your turn, or where you go, someone will have healthy skin tips to help you rid yourself of those unsightly blemishes.  It vary well may just be a matter of trial and error.  One thing is for sure, beauty is not only skin deep.  If the poison comes from within, maybe that’s where you should begin your journey to clear skin.

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